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Articles tagged with: scams

Facebook Scam: Photographer Committed Suicide After Shooting Video

If you use Facebook, you might already be aware of the new scam going around that attempts to get you to click through it. The ad reads something like “Photographer committed SUICIDE 3 days after shooting THIS video!” and is followed by a link.

Of course, you can guess where the link leads to- a message that says “This really must have been an awkward moment” followed by a Share link that is written in the Finnish language.

Microsoft Warns Of New Security Scams

Microsoft is warning consumers about ongoing scams that have been occurring throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. The scams involve crooks calling honest victims up, referring to them by name and claiming that they represent legitimate companies that are offering free security checks for compromised computers.

Out of 7,000 people in said countries, 15% of them received these phone calls, and 22% were duped into believing the scammers. Victims were persuaded to give their credit card information, to download an infected application (disguised as an Anti-Virus tool), with the average victim losing $875, not including computer repairs.

Twitter Scams: How to Avoid Them

Who said it was easy to be on Twitter? In order to keep from falling victim to the growing number of scams brewing on Twitter it takes work. My question has always been..Is it worth it? Unfortunately, after you take the time to get real with Twitter by cleaning out the deadwood followers (people who do not respond or socialize), screen who it is you are following (to get rid of the unresponsive and trolls), forget about being as popular as Charlie Sheen (gathering up as many followers as you can) then you can start using Twitter with tremendous success. However, after you clean house and get real, you will still need to work at keeping your Twitter feed clean by screening followers out, and find out who the person is before you Follow them.