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Articles tagged with: scanner

New Malware Disguised As Microsoft Update

Be careful, a new anti-virus scam has appeared on the web that appears to be a Microsoft update popup, the only exception is that it happens on Mozilla Firefox browsers. Machines infected by the drive-by downloads from compromised sites, receive the malware that make the user think they need to click-through the urgent update notification.

Anti-virus security group, Sophos states that legitimate updates only come through the Internet Explorer browser. Unfortunately, some victims click through and that’s when their computers become infected with the malware.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Coming Next Week

Fujitsu is preparing to ship its new Stylistic Q550 tablet computer next week. The tablet PC will carry a razor sharp 1.5GHz Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail processor, a 10.1″ 1280 x 800 resolution IPS display, dual digitizer for stylus input and four-finger multi-touch control. Users will be able to pop in a 2.5″ SSD into the machine to experience the full force of the 2GB laptop.

Of course, you get your standard WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth support, and optional 3G and GPS connectivity as well. Ports include an HDMI output, SDHC memory card slot, USB port, and a fingerprint scanner.

3D Face Scanning App- Costs Less Than A Dollar

A new application has been developed for the iPhone that is essentially a 3D scanner app. The app is called Trimensional and takes four photos of your face using different lighting effects. The app then combines the four photos to create a 3D model. Once the model has captured the images, users can then enjoy a printed version of the scan using a 3D printer. Users should opt to take the images in a very dark room for the best results and set the iPhone’s screen brightness to maximum.

The 3D scanning application works for both the 4th Generation iPod Touch and the iPhone 4. You can purchase the app for just 99 cents, an affordable solution to the sometimes pricey cost of 3D scanners.