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Articles tagged with: scratch resistant

Evoluce Two And Microsoft Surface SDK: Match Made In Heaven

Evoluce has long been known to deliver outstanding multimedia products, so it should be no surprise that the Evoluce Two controls Microsoft Surface SDK applications with Kinect.

With Microsoft Kinect, Evoluce can support up to four users simultaneously, allowing them to work on the beautiful 46″ multi-touch LCD screen. The multimedia table is capable of recognizing 60 simultaneous inputs and is the optimal way to collaborate with photos, videos, documents, and maps.

20″ Scratch Resistant And Fingerprint Resistant Monitor

Have you ever been bothered by a friend or family member touching your screen? I know I have. While it bothers me greatly to have fingerprints on my screen, not to mention scratches, I know a few people who don’t really care, especially since the fingerprints are hardly visible when the computer is turned on.

Thankfully, I-O Data has just revealed a 20″ widescreen monitor, dubbed the LCD-AD202XW-P which utilizes a hardened glass panel. The panel is specially designed to prevent fingerprint smudges and scratches on your shiny new screen, and while the white border makes it look a bit clinical, who cares if it means extra protection for your new technology?