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Articles tagged with: seagate

Apple Starts iMac HD Replacement Program

iMac is Apple’s popular line of of all-in-one computers. you have the central processing unit and the display in one package looking like a giant monitor.

Looks like Apple is facing some problems with the hardware of the iMacs shipped during 2011. It is not a big problem as hardware might face some sort of damage during manufacturing. It is suggested that the problem is with the 1TB primary hard disk of the device manufactured by Seagate. The exact cause of the problem is not disclosed.

How About A Wireless External HDD?

Seagate has just launched the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage that has been optimized specifically for the iPad. Consumers who invest in this technology will own 500GB of storage that can be taken anywhere without having to carry tangled USB wires and power cables. The device works over an 802.11 b/g/n wireless network and has a rechargeable battery.

With the latest GoFlex drive, users will be able to seamlessly transfer videos, music, pictures, and documents through the air. Users can even connect directly to the GoFlex Satellite drive simply by using the free GoFlex Media app.

Seagate Introduces World’s Slimmest Hard Drive

Seagate has impressed the world again with it’s new 2.5-inch hard disk drive that the company claims is the world’s slimmest. The external hard drive is called the GoFlex Slim and measures out to be only 9mm think. The introduction of this external hard drive should be testament that hard drives continue to evolve as technology itself evolves, becoming faster, larger, and more affordable.

Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD For $70

For $70 you can buy a 2TB HDD, a hard disk drive large enough to last you a lifetime (assuming we stay within our current data sizes.) The green HDD runs at 5900 RPM, which is decent for getting where you “need to go.” This would be a great upgrade for older computers running out of space. I have a few friends that have older computers and they often have to delete stuff every now and then to “free up there hard drive.” Even games such as Crysis 2 can take up as much 15GB for the game itself.

Seagate Drive Revamp Increases Performance

Seagate Technology launched the largest enterprise revamp in their company’s history on Tuesday with its Pulsar family of solid-state drives, offering capacities of up to 800GB. They also rolled out their Savvio and Constellation hard-disk drives, with capacities ranging between 154GB and 3TB. Their aim is to help IT managers cope with storage needs, driven by new consumer devices that directly and indirectly consume enterprise storage.

The company’s Pulsar SSD platform has been tested take on more than ten full drive writes per day, or 15 petabytes written over the course of the drive’s lifetime. Their Savio 10K.5 and Savvio 15K.3 HDDs have a reliability rating of 99.5% average per two million hours.

Seagate’s Executive Vice President, Kurt Richarz stated that…