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Articles tagged with: silverlight

Netflix Embedded In Google Chrome OS (Leaked News)

For those of you who aren’t already aware, Google is launching an operating system later this year dubbed Chrome OS. Essentially, it is a lightweight operating system that is designed around Google’s current Chrome web browser. Currently, there is no support for Netflix because it requires the Microsoft Silverlight plugin, a plugin that only runs on Windows and OS X.

There is however, an open source implementation of Silverlight (known as Moonlight), but unfortunately, Moonlight does not support Netflix and Chrome doesn’t support Moonlight. The whole situation is a bit of a mess, but the team at The Chrome Story have recently found…

Nvidia’s New 3D Vision Plugin

Nvidia launched today the 3D Vision Plugin that allows individuals to access three dimensional content on the web. With the Silverlight code, users who have 3D Vision glasses can enjoy their favorite content on the web. The plugin and the kit are both available today and most modern Nvidia GeForce video cards will support 3D Vision. Nvidia hasn’t mentioned support for other platforms yet, but since the technology makes use of stereoscopic 3D, it is likely to work with other video cards as well, such as an AMD Radeon.