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Articles tagged with: solutions

eBay Gets Aggressive With Social Strategy

Looks like eBay is head to toes in their new e-commerce project, X.Commerce. That’s why eBay has now procured the two leading platforms in the e-commerce industry, Magento and GSI Commerce.

Paypal which is now a subsidiary of eBay, earlier this year merged their programming interface and developers with that of eBay for a joint venture, X.Commerce. X Commerce is a cloud based toolkit that allows businesses to innovate the e-commerce industry.

Google Buys Wind Energy Until 2031

Today is Earth Day, and it marks a day of making better decisions for our planet. After spending nearly $275 million dollars on renewable energy, Google is not falling short of expectations this time. Google has announced today that it has signed a power purchase agreement for wind energy in Oklahoma. Mayes County Oklahoma will have a fully operational data center by the end of 2011 thanks to wind energy. Google will be buying the energy from NextEra Energy Resources’ Minco II wind facility and will continue to get energy there until 2031.

Asus Will Continue Making Windows 7 Tablets

According to PCWorld, Asus will continue building Windows 7 tablets, claiming that Microsoft’s operating system is a worthy opponent to both the iOS and Android operating systems. Asus claims that they get a lot of requests from the consumer and business market for Windows 7 tablets and therefore, they will continue making them to suit the demand.

Product management specialist, Julie Cheng from Asus claims that many customers demand Windows solutions simply because that’s what they are used to and do not feel like learning a new operating system such as Android or iOS. There have also been much speculation that users…