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Articles tagged with: sony technology

Sony Is Working On Next PlayStation

Sony has recently announced that it is working on the PlayStation 4. Sony’s Executive Vice President and CFO Masaru Kato spilled the beans on the matter. Kato believes that the current PlayStation 3 still has product life and Sony plans on milking the PS3 for a bit longer as Sony still has a number of hot games available for the console.

As a gamer I have to also admit that most of the top games for any console usually come out a year or two after the console has been released.

13.3″ Sony VAIO S Boasts Impressive Specs

Sony has just enhanced its VAIO S series, making the laptop the most stunning we have seen yet. Technology enthusiasts around the world will be able to select between burnished brown, jet black, platinum silver, as well as pink or blue, made with magnesium and aluminum metals.

The laptop contains a 13.3-inch display, boasting a 1600 x 900 resolution (stunning!), and is just 0.95″ thick. The slim machine weights 3.6 pounds giving users the freedom to carry heavier loads in their backpacks or briefcases. Instead of using the typical glossy displays, Sony is going with a matte display giving your mind some ease from ‘fingerprint worry.’

Sony Reveals 13.3″ Flexible Color Display

Sony has just developed a 13.3″ flexible color electronic paper device. The e-paper was revealed at the 49th SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition 2011, the world’s largest academic conference on display technologies.

The new display is based on E Ink Corp’s electrophoretic-display technology. The e-paper weighs in at just 20 grams and is 150-microns thick. It is made of a plastic substrate and has a color gamut of 13% with a contrast ratio of 10:1 and a 150 dots per inch resolution.