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Articles tagged with: south korean

Does The Future Of Elegant Tablets Give Stiff Competition For Apple?

I remember when tablets first came out years back, I would talk about them to people who’ve never heard of the term, and I would explain it as a digital notepad. It’s really something to see how tablets have evolved since birth.

We’ve even seen an interesting type of tablet hybrid, dubbed a convertible. Tablet hybrids are great because they offer users a physical keyboard to get any heavy typing or work done in an efficient manner.

Chinese Hackers Spoof Gmail To Target Gov’t Officials

Google has recently caught a series of phishing attempts targeted at United States and South Korean government officials. The attacks originated from Jinan, China and attempted to gain access to Gmail accounts of hundreds of users by tricking them into sharing their passwords. Chinese political activists, military personnel, and journalists were also victimized.

The attackers were seeking to monitor their victims’ e-mail accounts by changing the account settings to automatically forward messages. The attempts actually started in February and have been since ongoing.

Rumor: iPhone 5 Will Come This Summer

According to CNN, a South Korean news site has reported that Apple plans to release the iPhone 5 at the end of June. The translation was done by MacRumors site on ETNews.co.kr and the site claims that Apple has confirmed the time frame to be in stores on June 26th. This conflicts the information from Apple’s manufacturer located in China, that the parts have not yet been ordered.

CNN also questions whether Apple would really…