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Articles tagged with: statistics

Foursquare Hits 10 Million Users

LinkedIn India wasn’t the only group celebrating 10 million users. Foursquare also hit a 10 million user base on the same day. Whoa, talk about a coincidence. Foursquare celebrated by creating an interactive map, showing a series of colorful dots that had slowly spread around the globe.

Each one of those dots represented a user and the growth of the company, which has just passed its second birthday. Okay, so you may be thinking, who celebrates a 10 million user-base with a silly map?

Nintendo: 73% Of Gamers Use Our Stuff

An internal study done by Nintendo claims that 73% of US gamers prefer to use Nintendo products over other gaming consoles. Before you go, “Hey, wait a second…”, the large percentage includes 43% of players who play exclusively on its products and another 30% who play on Nintendo as well as other consoles.

If these statistics are supposed to make me by a console, better luck next time, Nintendo. Another thing I would like to see back up those percentages would be a sample group, who exactly was surveyed, etc. If the sample group was only 100 people, then the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

Windows XP Is No Longer In The Lead

Thanks to StatCounter, the latest results of the desktop operating system market share for April 2011, shows a switch from the once dominant Windows XP. It looks like businesses are finally making the transition to Windows 7. Windows 7 now sweeps a 31.75% market share of desktops in the United States, with Windows XP dropping to 31.56%. Although this is such a slim defeat for Windows 7, it does show that XP may have finally “live its life” in the operating system realm and that users are ready to move on with their software. Coming in third is Windows Vista at 19.07% and Mac OS X following a distant fourth with 14.87%. Linux takes only .70% of the market share with other operating systems taking 2.09%.