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Articles tagged with: stereo sound system

All-In-One Wireless HiFi System By Sonos!

Sonos adds one more impressive and reasonably priced model known as ‘Play: 3’ to its array of wireless audio systems.

You can easily set up the multi-room system with access to vast collection of streaming music services. The product is priced at $300.

With foxL v2 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker In Your Palm, Rocks The Floor!

Soundmatters’ foxL (fox-ul) rebels traditional acumen about sound- a diminutive handy music system that turns your palm into a personal amphitheater.

You will get an upright audio and video playback on most devices; however the fabricated speakers of many devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad and many other gadgets unquestionably cannot rock the floor.

Sony’s New CMT-CX5 HiFi Sound System!

Sony’s been existent lately. They have been working on innovative designs with another result right in front of us, yes, the company’s new home-audio system, the CMT-CX5 “HiFi”.

It was launched yesterday and could easily be mistaken for the Sony’s S2 tablet.