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Articles tagged with: stereoscopic

Sony’s New 24″ 3D Display Designed For PS3

Sony has a new PlayStation-branded 3D display that uses stereoscopic technology to display two different full-screen images to produce a 3D experience, using active shutter 3D technology.

Now, before you get all excited about the 3D screen, you have to realize that only PS3 games programmed to make use of the feature will work as 3D, meaning that you won’t get 3D picture on all of your games.

Xbox 360 Will Get Full Stereoscopic 3D

A new report states that Microsoft will reveal full stereoscopic 3D capabilities for its Xbox 360 gaming console at E3 this June. EuroGamer claims that the stereo 3D support is expected to work similar to PS3’s three dimensional effect and feature an HDMI 1.4 stereoscopic 3D in 1280 x 1470 twin 720p, allowing 720p to work with each eye.

Hardware-wise, the new Xbox360 won’t have anything to be desired beyond the 3D option and if you’re not into 3D, there won’t be much use for this new version.

Nvidia’s New 3D Vision Plugin

Nvidia launched today the 3D Vision Plugin that allows individuals to access three dimensional content on the web. With the Silverlight code, users who have 3D Vision glasses can enjoy their favorite content on the web. The plugin and the kit are both available today and most modern Nvidia GeForce video cards will support 3D Vision. Nvidia hasn’t mentioned support for other platforms yet, but since the technology makes use of stereoscopic 3D, it is likely to work with other video cards as well, such as an AMD Radeon.