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Articles tagged with: stick

Reality Car Windows Unveiled By Toyota!

Toyota is announcing new technology in their vehicles. The Japanese car manufacturing company unveiled a new window in a new manufactured vehicle where children can write on windows or make a sketch of outside objects.

The drawing will stick to the window till the outside object passes away or until the passenger itself removes it. That is something really cool for a long drive or even for small drives where any one can enjoy travel. For bored adults it’s really fascinating, and hopefully this new tech will be enough to keep consumers from worrying about a third recall.

Sony Has Created Ultra-Fast Memory Stick

Sony Europe has just announced a new high speed flash memory stick called the PRO-HG Duo HX. Sony claims that this new memory stick is capable of reading data transfer speeds of up to 50MB/s, making it 1.6x faster than current memory stick modules and faster than any commercially available UHS-I SD card.

We will also see higher capacities later this month, ranging from 8GB to 32GB models and priced similarly to current memory stick modules. The higher performance is due in part to Sony’s new HX Engine flash memory controller that the company has been working on.

Porn Detection Stick Finds All?

I have heard about employees accessing pornographic websites at work and always wondered what was going on in their heads. Just the fact that it can get you fired, seems like enough reason not to view it. Maybe it is a thrill to be able to know you are viewing something at work that you are not supposed to be looking at and maybe what adds to the excitement is knowing that your boss may walk by your cubicle at any moment to check in on things. I can only guess. Now there is a USB stick called the Porn Detection stick that, upon insertion, looks into all of the computer’s archives and checks headers for image and video data, including obscure file types.