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Articles tagged with: SXSW

The Massive Transformation Of SXSWi

According to CNET, the first time Steve Jang went to a South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSWi) was in 2006. Back then, SXSWi was a small community of geeks and he went trying to launch a music social-networking service, called Imeem. Although South by Southwest was known to be a quirky gathering of friendly dot-commers, making an impact as a start-up was a routine procedure.

Jang says “Back then, it was a very concerted thing….You got a booth, you put together a team, and everyone wore the t-shirts, and you hired a PR firm, and you really wanted to do a big product debut. It was a big tent-pole effort.”

Some of the other companies, however, started as small start-ups in 2006 and have gotten enormous. Social media transformed…

Blogger Finally Getting A Better User Design

Google finally got the memo and has updated their blogging platform, Blogger, with a new user interface design. The interface looks much better than the previous one which is so 2000 and late.

From preview screenshots posted on Google’s Blog, Blogger’s Dashboard and Post Editor have been completely redesigned and look similar to a social media sharing site. The new design is a much needed improvement and also comes with the Google Web Toolkit bulletin.

Google Has You Running in “Circles” — Not Launching Soon

Multiple reports came out this morning about a Social site that Google was launching called “Google Circles”.

The reports claimed that Google Circles allows sharing status messages on all social networks, Twitter and Facebook for example, as well as photos, videos and check-ins.

According to AllThingsDigital, Google rebutted “We’re not launching any products at SXSW.” Although Google mentioned that they weren’t launching products at the very moment, they did not deny such a claim…

Does Twitter Need To Consider Real Time TV Channels??

At one of the sessions of the SXSW event, the main take away point is that people are tweeting more often when they are watching TV. Whether it is live sports (superbowl), breaking news (Japan’s earthquake), or just watching a favorite show (House) – people are actively tweeting while watching TV. Essentially it’s like they want to engage with others more frequently as they watch news, sports and their favorite shows. So the question that I believe Twitter should be asking themselves is, should they consider strategic partnerships with major networks, or should they create TV channels of their own?

The All Inclusive REAL Official Guide to SXSW

Here it is..the all inclusive real official certified Beta version of the South by Southwest User Guide video. It is a must for anyone who is going to know what to expect when attending the conference and will be used as reference material for any other type of tech conference, seminar, workshop, gathering, tweet-to, meet-up, or whatever.

Have fun people..this is funny stuff.