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Articles tagged with: taxation

San Fran Tech Companies Get Tax Break

The city of San Francisco, California approved a tax holiday that will save Zynga, Yelp, and other Internet companies within the city, millions of dollars. The officials are hoping to preserve San Francisco’s image as a tech center, even though most of the major Silicon Valley companies (Google, Apple, Intel, and HP) are in the San Jose area.

Opponents of the deal call it a payoff to the already-wealthy companies. Under San Francisco’s payroll tax, companies with over $250,000 in payroll are required to pay the city 1.5% of the total employee compensation each year.

Sprint Still Furious Over AT&T Acquisition

CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse took a stand against AT&T’s recent merge with T-Mobile. Sprint, along with many other people feel that this recent merging will undo three decades of actions by the United States government that modernized and sparked wireless competition. If the deal is approved, which it would likely be, AT&T will be three times the size of Sprint. Sprint is urging the U.S. government to block this acquisition.

SVP of Government Affairs, Vonya McCann said