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Articles tagged with: Tech gadgets

The Samsung Galaxy Tab – Love At First Tap!!!

Tablet computing popularity has never been higher than it is today. After playing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab at my local retailer, I took the plunge and bought one. I compared this to numerous tablets on the market right now (including the iPad).

If you like Android based phones, I think you’ll really enjoy the Galaxy. Right now you can get a pretty good deal because the next generation is almost out.

Overall, I’m enjoying my tablet and find that it’s replaced booting up my laptop while I’m on the couch. I think it’s going to be invaluable during the upcoming fantasy football season, assuming there will be one. If you’re looking at getting a tablet, the Galaxy Tab is a must! It’s functional, loaded with features, has a ton of apps available, and fits nicely in a center console or purse.

Love’s Special Day – Tech Gadgets

There is nothing sweeter and cooler than giving something that is both classy and high-tech this Valentine’s Day. Gift selection is a lot easier when you can choose from among the different Valentine’s tech gadgets. You can do away with the usual roses and plain jewelry pieces. These gadgets are functional and at the same time attractive. Get a glimpse on some of the notable ones.