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Articles tagged with: tech research

Transparent Lithium-Ion Battery For Your New Laptop?

A pair of Stanford graduate students, Yi Cui and Yuan Yang research materials science on a regular basis, and have discovered something rather interesting, that is, they developed a transparent packaging for the battery.

How they did this was quite interesting, they reduced the size of the battery electrodes so small that they were invisible to the human eye.

Furthermore, the duo chose to use a structure of meshed electrodes, rather than using thin films. For flexibility, the researchers turned to a clear substance that is often used for contact lenses.

Can Glass Be Stronger Than Metal ?

A common problem with structural materials is that they are often prone to cracking when they are heated at high temperatures. UC Berkeley Professor of Material Science, Robert Ritchie has invented, what he believes is the strongest material in the world, a new form of metallic glass.

Ritchie focuses on materials that are structurally robust and resistant to fracture. He does much of his research with…