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Articles tagged with: Technews

BREAKING NEWS: AT&T Will Buy T-Mobile USA For $39B

According to several press releases, AT&T has unexpectedly agreed to buy T-Mobile USA for a whopping $39 Billion dollars from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom. The companies announced the deal on Sunday afternoon before the stock market opens on Monday. Clearly a strategy done to help boost its stock price.

The deal would make AT&T a dominant player in the wireless telecom sector, pending regulatory approval of course. The transaction represents a major commitment from the company to beef up its infrastructure and network.

NEW Facebook Comments – No More Privacy Online

Facebook launched a new public commenting platform Tuesday evening but has not been too public about the changes. It has not release any information or explained how it works, like it has done in the past with some of the other enhancements (check-ins for example). The one exception — Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, spoke briefly about it at the Webtrends Engage conference in San Francisco.

These changes allows Facebook to become a prominent market leader not just on their site but on the sites of all others, by changing the way people communicate and connect. The new platform exposes the real identities to the comments people leave on sites. For some this is a great thing, for others who prefer anonymity not so much. For obvious reasons the quality of comments could improve but as more and more people become concern with privacy — exposing comments and real identities to the Interwebs could lead to less commenting or perhaps an increase in fake profiles (specifically created for external communication) on the social network or both.

Lots of questions and little answers, perhaps this is the main reason why they have not said much.

Google One Pass – Less Expensive Than Apple’s Service

Google recently launched One Pass, a new payment platform that allows users to subscribe to online content for a fee. The subscription service is intended for digital newspapers and magazines and will compete directly with Apple’s new subscription service. Google plans to take a 10 percent cut from transactions which is significant lower than the 30 percent charged by Apple.

One Pass will work on tablets and smartphones, as well as Google-related websites and will launch initially in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The announcement comes just a few days after Apple announced new rules for publishers selling subscriptions on its iOS platform. Apple says companies must now offer users the option to buy directly through an iTunes account, handing 30% of the price to Apple. Previously, vendors were allowed to simply direct customers to an external website, keeping all of the profits.

Given that Apple’s terms are so one sided, Google’s One Pass is a great alternative.

Libya — The Big Question For Bit.ly and Deck.ly

Libya has begun blocking access to Facebook in Tripoli, the country’s capital, and is cutting off electricity and access to the Internet as a response to anti-goverment protests.

If the access to specific sites are blocked, people can use proxies, but if the Internet lines are shutdown or the power is turned off, the story is different all together. Hence, this could not only impact bit.ly and deck.ly but all domains registered within Libyan control.

Perhaps the revolutions in the Middle East will allow people to rethink government sponsored/hosted domain registration.

The Hackathon Marathons

A series of events is taking over how startups are conceived, formed and funded. Social meetups are converting ideas into money making companies with votes. Hackathons as they are known, are productive and collaborative events that are becoming the source for many cool innovations we’re currently seeing.

Essentially these events are intense meetups that are anywhere between 1-4 days long and become a medium for exchanging knowledge. They create opportunities for some to learn about what’s hot in the tech space, while at the same time allow developers to perform under extreme pressures.

The events are sponsored by media firms, well known universities, creative agencies and funded by investment firms. The ideas are pitched to a group whereby people vote on the best ones, form a team and quickly make a prototype. It’s intense, it’s fun, and it works!!

Free Virtual Meetings With Slideshare Zipcast

Presentation hosting heavyweight SlideShare has just launched a new service called ZipCast, which allows you to hold online meetings and webinars for free. The service converts your slideshow into a typical webcast with with video, audio and chat with the click of a button.

The service is similar to Gotomeeting and Webex, with one main difference – it requires no installation of client software, boosting ease-of-use considerably. Another cool feature is the ability for any viewer to flip back and forth between presentation slides, just in case you missed something, although the presenter still controls what is shown to the rest of the audience.

MWC2011 Eric Schmidt’s Announces Android Movie Studio

MWC2011 Live, Eric Schmidt’s announces Android Movie Studio.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt released the new Android Movie Studio app, made especially for tablets running Honeycomb. The app allows users to edit video similar to Apple’s iMovie in which you combine photos and videos to make and publish projects.

One big difference the Android Movie Studio has over Apple’s iMovie, is that currently you can’t get iMovie on the iPad so this is one step ahead of Apple in that regards.

Cuba’s New $70 Million Internet Pipe

Last week, an undersea cable joining Cuba with Venezuela was completed, a process that took nearly 3 weeks and $70 million. A second leg will connect Cuba with Jamaica which will become operational this summer. These new cables will increase internet capacity by 3000% and according to Prensa Latina, these new cable are “a breach” in the longstanding trade embargo against the island.

The Venezuela link runs some 1500 kilometers and comes in thru the city of Santiago de Cuba in the eastern part of the island. The fiber was laid down by Alcatel-Lucent a French company.

Samsung Mobile Devices – The Response

Samsung revealing their new mobile devices and people’s response to the new phone and tablet.

The Daily Crashes Daily For Some Users

The Daily is supposed to be a neat app for the iPad, with its daily news updates and low-priced subscription fee. However, it’s obvious that the application was rushed to market as a lot of users suffered from instability, slow loading and crashes. So, in the way that the online world just clicks on different links for similar content, news junkies sought their fix elsewhere.

Developers of The Daily scrambled to post a fix, claiming that the revised app was faster and more stable. Early adopters of the fix did find that the app was faster – to crash.

Blank screens, erratic page loading, missing pictures and other irritants greet users of this “fix”. Page load time also remained at more than half a minute, so we don’t know what kind of fix was done to the code. The developers should reconsider a complete rewrite for this app if they want to keep whatever loyal users they have left.