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Articles tagged with: televisions

Dimenco Announces 52″ Lenticular TV

Ex-Philips engineers have started a company called Dimenco with the prime goal of developing glasses-free TV. Rather than calling them Googlers (since they didn’t work at Google), you have my permission to call them Philips-ers (although that doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.) The four engineers started the company with the idea that they would have the first commercial product available by year 2013.

Dimenco has today announced that it will be unleashing a 52″ lenticular (produces illusion of depth) TV LCD, offering full 1080p visuals via glasses-free 3D.

D-Link Spins Off MiiiCasa; Gets Lost In The Cloud

D-Link has recently announced that it will be spinning off MiiiCasa, a cloud software that is already running on some of D-Links routers. The software allows router users to stream many types of content such as video and audio throughout their home. The technology works through MiiiCasa devices and is like a cloud-hosting environment for your home. You can share content from TVs to tablets, computers to notebooks.