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Playstation Vita Can Serve As PS3 Remote

Sony’s next generation PlayStation portable, aka PlayStation Vita is already making a huge buzz regarding its rich hardware and cool features. The device is expected to reach stores in October.

We have already been hearing a lot about the device’s feature to synchronize content with PlayStation 3. But according to latest reports, the device can possibly serve as a PS3 remote control.

LinkedIn India Reaches 10 Million Users

Social and job networking, LinkedIn has just announced that they have reached 100 Million users globally. Of those 100 million users, 33.4 million users are from the United States, and India has just reached its “10 million users” milestone.

While traditional job networking sites such as Monster and Naukri slowly fall behind, LinkedIn is receiving a growing awareness amongst Indians and it appears to be THE place to network in the white collar realm.

Halo Reach: Incentive To Lose?

I’ve been playing Halo Reach since my pre-ordered copy hit my front door back in 2010. Overall, I think it’s a great game and I continue to play the multi-player on Xbox Live whenever I have free time. In Halo Reach, the main incentive to win is to get “credits” in the game. Players can use the credits to upgrade their armor on the Halo character they play as. The armor doesn’t really do anything besides look cool and show off how good you are. There are also multi-player challenges such as “Get 10 headshots in any game.” By winning these challenges, players get extra credits, which allows them to upgrade quicker to the next “soldier rank” and purchase (with the credits) the new unlocked armor.