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Articles tagged with: tweets

Twitter Reaches 200 Million Daily Tweets

Twitter has just announced that the platform gets 200 million tweets per day from all over the world. Just a year ago, the company was ‘only’ getting 65 million tweets per day. This January? The company received 2 million tweets per day.

All this is happening faster than you can say “growth” and leaves you wondering where the company will be at later down the road. What do you think Twitter will be at by New Years 2012? Kind of frightening when you think about it.

FTC Approves Seven-Year Storage Of Social Media Data

The Federal Trade Commission approved background check companies to screen job applicants based on their Internet photos and postings. This means that any of your online activity, whether through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. is “free game” for background check companies and your future employer to check out.

Maybe you think that all it takes is a few deactivations, a click here, a click there, and you’re ready to apply for that new summer internship? Unfortunately for some, Social Intelligence Corporation (a background check company) can keep your postings for up to seven years.

Twitter Now Sends E-Mail Updates

Twitter sent out a tweet to its users notifying them of a new email feature. If someone favorites or re-tweets one of your tweets an e-mail will be sent to whatever e-mail address you set it up to be sent to.

The message will be sent in the same way that other emails have been sent when someone sends you a direct message or you have a new follower.

Mobile Startup Turns Tweets Audio

Google showed some new features last week. “It is basically like a location-based chat service,” said Matt Fitzsimmons in describing the technology at the MIT Startup Demo in Seattle last week. It’s almost like a radio with tweets that are audio. You can even pick the accent of your speaker that is reading the tweets.
The technology still has a few things that need to be worked on.
Most people would be interested in setting up a personalized station that is listening to all tweets. Fitzsimmons and the rest of the iHear team are moving forward. The company’s first Android app launched in February and has 10,00 downloads.

Twitter Eyes Tweetdeck For $50 Million

According to social media sources, Twitter is on the verge of buying TweetDeck for $50 million. Analysts are expecting a cash and stock deal to close within the next ten days and to be one of Twitters largest acquisitions to date. Twitter itself is just under five years old, so relatively speaking, this is a huge purchase for the company. This will be a great addition to the Twitter organization because the company will now be able to incorporate Tweetdeck’s slick interface and enhanced capabilities.

Tapbot Rolls Out TweetBot; Twitter For The iOS

Tapbot has released its newest Twitter client for the Apple iOS platform. The application is called Tweetbot and is available on all portable Apple devices; iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The app supports multiple accounts and multiple timelines, giving consumers the ability to select a specific list by tapping on the Timeline icon. It also offers smart gestures, allowing users to triple tap a tweet to reply or swipe a finger from left to right on a tweet to view all messages exchanged with that user.