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Articles tagged with: twitter stats

Twitter Reaches 200 Million Daily Tweets

Twitter has just announced that the platform gets 200 million tweets per day from all over the world. Just a year ago, the company was ‘only’ getting 65 million tweets per day. This January? The company received 2 million tweets per day.

All this is happening faster than you can say “growth” and leaves you wondering where the company will be at later down the road. What do you think Twitter will be at by New Years 2012? Kind of frightening when you think about it.

Twitter’s Birthday Bash — Impressive Stats After 5 Years!!

For Twitter’s 5th birthday, the company released some stats illustrating the milestones the company had reached.

It was only about five years ago when designers had begun to create a prototype of what would become Twitter. Jack Dorsey sent the world’s first tweet on March 21, 2006. For a company being only five years old, we found their stats to be quite impressive.

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