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Articles tagged with: ubuntu

Google Releases Chrome V.12 (Stable)

Google has recently announced the final stable release of its Google Chrome browser version 12.0.742.91. The browser is now available for all three major operating systems; Windows, Linux, and Mac. The announcement of the latest version included the roll out of the hardware accelerated 3D CSS and a new Safe Browsing feature.

The stable version of Google has removed the antiquated Google Gears support and we are now able to see many behind-the-scene changes. For one, the development team has enabled binary packages for supported Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora.

Samsung’s Dual-Core Atom W/Chrome OS- LEAKED!

After hearing about Acer’s Chrome netbook in the works, it seems like Samsung will be amongst the first manufacturers to build a Chrome netbook. The details arrived late Wednesday night on a code page for Chromium OS. The netbook is currently codenamed Alex and will carry the same 1280 x 800 screen resolution as the Cr-48, but with more power! The device will feature a dual-core 1.5GHz Atom N550, 2GB of memory and a SanDisk P4 mini-Solid-State Drive.

Ubuntu’s Natty Narwhal Released!

Every six months, Ubuntu releases the next generation of their popular Linux distribution. Today marks the six month event of Ubuntu’s last release, with the new 11.04 version, dubbed Natty Narwhal. While the name sounds a bit goofy, consumers will be happy that this free operating system is packed with thousands of package updates. First of the many updates, and probably the first thing you’ll notice when you boot up the computer is that you’ll be taken to the Unity desktop, by default.

Windows XP Is No Longer In The Lead

Thanks to StatCounter, the latest results of the desktop operating system market share for April 2011, shows a switch from the once dominant Windows XP. It looks like businesses are finally making the transition to Windows 7. Windows 7 now sweeps a 31.75% market share of desktops in the United States, with Windows XP dropping to 31.56%. Although this is such a slim defeat for Windows 7, it does show that XP may have finally “live its life” in the operating system realm and that users are ready to move on with their software. Coming in third is Windows Vista at 19.07% and Mac OS X following a distant fourth with 14.87%. Linux takes only .70% of the market share with other operating systems taking 2.09%.