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Articles tagged with: Video game

Gamestop To Sell Digital Game Copies

The digital download method is quiet convenient for those who don’t have access to a game store for buying original games. There are many online stores working at the moment which sell digital copies of the games for download. Some of these services are Steam, Amazon and Direct2Drive.

Now, Gamestop is also going to follow their footsteps. Gamestop has stores all around US from where one can buy a game in disc form. But now Gamestop is launching a new service which will provide the facility of downloading games.

Driver: San Fransisco, Features Messy DRM

The PC video game industry has suffered a lot because of piracy. Therefore, game developers are becoming more and more cautious about their game releases. At the start, when there was nothing such as controversial DRM, all you needed was to download a crack for your favorite game and enjoy it by downloading it from P2P sites.

But the case is altogether different now. And leading in protecting the games with DRM technology is Ubisoft. Ubisoft had been really hard on PC gamers by protecting their critically acclaimed titles such as Assassins Creed with DRM.

Microsoft Unveils Media Remote And Bluetooth Headset For Xbox 360

With the news about Microsoft planning on releasing Xbox 720 and integrating Windows 8 with the ability to play Xbox 360 games, some might think that Xbox 360 is now an old story.

If you think you have enjoyed Xbox 360’s experience to its fullest, you are wrong. Microsoft has another card up its sleeve. Microsoft has just unveiled two new accessories for Xbox 360, the Media Remote and Bluetooth Wireless headset.

Jeff Koons Must Die, The Video Game

Multimedia artist Hunter Jonakin has created an art-based first-person shooter called “Jeff Koons Must Die.” Known for his over-priced, kitschy sculptures (ex. giant metal balloon dogs that sold for 20 million dollars each), Koons often comes across as a jerk (ex. suing businesses for using “his” balloon dog motif).

The game is set in a museum filled with Koons’ art, and the weapon of choice is a rocket launcher. The point is to destroy the art, and if the play fails to do this then the game ends.

Weinstien Co. Will Develop Video Games

The Weinstein Company, founded by brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, has launched video game label TWC Games. The new division will collaborate with external partners to develop and publish games for mobile, social, and console platforms. Probably most exciting is the news that TWC games develop games based on the properties of Weinstein Company.

TWC Games will work with production company Beefy Media, a game production firm that will help build relationships and create content. Although movie-to-game tie ins have not been all that wonderful in the past, this keeps the market open for TWC Games to make quality games. Also, plenty of brilliant films were brought to you by the brother’s Weinstein, so there is lots of material to use.