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Articles tagged with: video rendering

Fujitsu Throws Down New Workstation Laptops

Fujitsu has just announced a pair of new workstation laptops that are designed to run data intensive applications such as those needed for computer-aided design. Fujitsu claim that only these notebooks offer comparable computing power to a desktop workstation. The notebooks are called the Celsius H910 and Celsius H710 notebooks.

The H910 claims 17.3 inches of screen real-estate and can be supplemented with either an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. The H910 gives options for an Nvidia Quadro 4000M or 3000M graphics and offers up to 32GB of RAM.

Nvidia Rolls Out Powerhouse M2090 GPU

Nvidia announced today its new Tesla M2090 graphics processor, which the company calls the world’s fastest parallel processor for the high performance computing. The graphics processing unit has a whopping 512 processing cores, compared to the usual 240-cores offered on graphics cards. Even Nvidia’s top model, the Tesla M2070 has 448 cores, making this upgrade 30% faster than its predecessor.

The M2090 can deliver a stunning performance of 1330 gigaflops. Of course, the M2090 is targeted for high performance computers since each core operates at a 1.3GHz frequency, compared to 1.15GHz core speed of M2070.