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Articles tagged with: warning

Verizon Will Put Location Tracking Stickers On Phones

Verizon is responding to the concerns of many worried individuals in Congress. In a response to Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey, Verizon has said that they will put a sticker on every phone warning users that they tracked their locations. The removable screen notice would specifically mention that the wireless carriers associated the location data with customer information. Subscribers would then be asked to check their location settings if they were concerned and to be “cautious” when it came to allowing privileges for specific applications.

Microsoft Has Gone Phishing

Microsoft has announced a security alert for Xbox Live today. The alert warns gamers of possible phishing attempts through specific messaging features in popular gaming titles such as Modern Warfare 2. Microsoft stated that they are aware of the problem and are working hard to resolve the issue. The company also sent out a standard apology for an “inconvenience” this has caused and thanks gamers for their patience.