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Articles tagged with: windows 7 starter

Next Generation Atom Netbooks

The Atom N2600 hitting computers nationwide will be clocked at 1.6GHz and use only 3.5 watts of power. The new chip will come with an integrated graphics chipset of GMA 5600 graphics clocked at 400MHz. The RAM will be limited to 2GB of DDR3-800 and support netbook screen sizes between 7-10.2 inches, 4-6 batteries, 32GB SSDs up to 250GB HDDs, and will be priced no more than $329.

Future netbooks with the upgraded Atom N2800 will clock in at 1.86GHz, use 6.5 watts of power, have a GMA 5650 integrated graphics chipset clocked at 640MHz and support up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, clocked at 1066MHz. The latter cpu will support netbook and laptop screens as large as 12.1-inches with prices greater than $329.

That Is One Happy Acer, Literally

Acer has just launched the Acer Happy 2. The netbook has an Intel Atom N570 processor, a modest upgrade over the N550 and comes in very bright colors; pink peach, lemon yellow, orange, papaya and blue curacao, hoping to gage the mind for the upcoming Summer season. I’ve always wondered how it felt like to compute on a brightly colored laptop when you’re in a bad mood. Do the bright colors improve the mood or make it much worse?