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Articles tagged with: windows7

Love Windows 7, But Want Lion’s Interface? Skin it!

If you love Windows 7 but have always wanted to own a Mac without emptying out your wallet, hear this, there is now an easy-to-install skin just for you! The skin comes part of a transformation pack, making Windows 7 look like OS X Lion, without losing any functionality! You can get it at DeviantArt from the uploader, hameddanger.

Before installing, users should take a number of precautions, one of which making sure they create a system restore in case anything goes wrong. The other is to make sure to have

Angry Birds To Microsoft: We Are Ready For Launch!

If you are unfamiliar with the game, Angry Birds, you are missing out! The game consists of numerous levels where the player slings birds through a catapult-like mechanism and aims to hit all the targets with a limited number of birds. The game requires skill in that it sometimes requires thinking ahead of how a stack of boxes may fall and hit an additional target. The goal is to kill two birds with one stone, in the most literal sense.

Angry Birds has been an absolute hit on mobile devices, whether Android or iPhone, people love it! To make things better, the creators release new versions very frequently (practically every holiday), giving players fresh content to engage with. Although it was previously available on “only” iOS and Android operating systems, Microsoft has announced that the game will be coming to Windows Phone 7 on…

Asus Will Continue Making Windows 7 Tablets

According to PCWorld, Asus will continue building Windows 7 tablets, claiming that Microsoft’s operating system is a worthy opponent to both the iOS and Android operating systems. Asus claims that they get a lot of requests from the consumer and business market for Windows 7 tablets and therefore, they will continue making them to suit the demand.

Product management specialist, Julie Cheng from Asus claims that many customers demand Windows solutions simply because that’s what they are used to and do not feel like learning a new operating system such as Android or iOS. There have also been much speculation that users…