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Articles tagged with: WordPress

5 Valuable Must Have WordPress plugins

Wordpress has brought the revolution in the field of Web Development. Not in the far past people used to spend hundreds of dollars to make a 5 to 10 pages static website for their small business. Currently the trends have been changed by the team of hundreds of volunteers who have developed a flexible and comprehensive blog management system and offered it to world free of cost.

LG Announces The Most Advanced And Sharpest Personal 3D HDTV

LG announced its next generation DM50D monitor, which includes all the advantages found on LG’s game-changing CINEMA 3D TVs in a form factor that fits easily on a desktop.

The flicker-free, bright images and lightweight 3D glasses that customers have come to associate with CINEMA 3D can all be found on the DM50D, including Full HDTV.

Amazing New Toaster Alarm Clock For Your iPhone

A new gadget looks like a toaster for your iPhone. However, it is not toasting your phone. It is charging it and using it has an alarm clock. No one likes waking up to an annoying alarm clock in the morning.
Michael Kritzer designed this project for Habitco, and you may soon see this smart concept in a gadget store near you. The new gadget is called the Day Maker. The gizmo is built with an analog clock on the side. There is two slots that looks like places you can put toast as if it were a toaster, but instaed of toast, you put in your iPhone.

WordPress iPhone & iPad App Improved – Resolved Issues

Wordpress just announced a long needed upgrade for its new app for iPad and iPhone users. The new version is improved and much better. The new updated app has solved most of the major issues.

Several major bugs have been removed which was the main reason for the app crashing in the first place. The app now has new features as well. One of the new features is the ability to capture a photo from your mobile device then post it right away. The updated app also has a mobile stats display and localization in 10 languages.

WordPress.com Compromised: Hackers Gain Root Access

Hackers compromised multiple servers that support WordPress and have most likely copied some source code. The news recently came from the founding developer of Automattic, which is the parent company of WordPress. Founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg wrote that Automattic has reviewed log records to determine how much information was exposed and mentioned that the company was re-evaluating avenues to gain access.

Blogger Finally Getting A Better User Design

Google finally got the memo and has updated their blogging platform, Blogger, with a new user interface design. The interface looks much better than the previous one which is so 2000 and late.

From preview screenshots posted on Google’s Blog, Blogger’s Dashboard and Post Editor have been completely redesigned and look similar to a social media sharing site. The new design is a much needed improvement and also comes with the Google Web Toolkit bulletin.