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Articles tagged with: zero emissions

Concept Zero-Emission Jet Achieving 3,125MPH

The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) has proposed a zero-emission Hypersonic Transportation aircraft that may turn flights into green-modes of transportation. The concept jet runs on a biofuel, seaweed, and will be able to achieve speeds above the atmoshpere, at 3,125 miles per hour.

The Zero Emission High Speed Transport (ZEHST) will make the current Concorde obsolete, and best of all, won’t harm our Earth anymore than all the cars we have on the road, at present.

Chinese Grad Student Designs VW Hovercraft

21 year-old graduate student, Zhang Yuhan has designed a zero emissions hovercraft concept called the Aqua Volkswagen. The Xihua University Industrial Design grad student submitted it as a finalist contestant for the CDN China Car Awards (a design competition). The entrants were to create a “Chinese off-road vehicle” by Volkswagen with “go-anywhere” capabilities that would allow the vehicle to freely travel the untamed wilderness of the Chinese countryside.

The hovercraft does not produce any Carbon emissions and is supported by a cushion of air, allowing it to cross a wide range of surfaces such as; lakes, rivers, wetlands, dirt roads, snow and ice.

Chinese Bus Stops Get Solar Power!

Japan is looking to pass a ruling that will have solar panels on all new buildings and houses by 2030. A recent report showed that 14 bus stops in China had solar panels installed on them. Each bus stop will feature five solar panels, with the power of delivering 800 watts of electricity on a sunny day.

I am not well-versed in solar technology but hope that solar panels can be safely disposed of without harming the environment.